About Us

Powerbox is a leading supplier of consumer products for construction, DIY and outdoor improvement industries. Acknowledged experts in manufacture and distribution, our spirit of innovation, the outstanding reputation of our brands and our exceptional range of support services are at the core of our unique proposition.

As a quality centric manufacturer we are constantly researching new and innovative product developments, adding genuine value for our customers. We offer a wide range of differentiated brands that exceed the expectations of today’s professional tool buyers and DIY consumers.

A working partnership with Powerbox is a fast start process, all the work to incorporate more than 5,000 products successfully into your business has been done for you. We have multi language provision and compliance certification for many countries.

Our quality control and compliance teams are based in Europe and Asia working directly in our manufacturing communities. The QA team ensures not only legal compliance, but audit working conditions and environmental standards at every facility we operate; whilst our team of quality compliance professionals, inspect every shipment before you see it.

Our distribution partner network forms a vital part of the Powerbox story. Membership is only open for those with the drive and ambition to succeed.